Customizing your dashboard

It’s about time you get to brag about the amazing people you work with and the good you do together. Our customizable dashboard lets you show off your impact— whether it be on TV screens throughout your office or beyond the company walls and out to your customers.

Dashboard builder

There are a lot of customizations that go into building out your dashboard that will truly make it your own. Our dashboard builder gives full flexibility in branding your dashboard, infusing it with content, and managing campaign + volunteer activity.

What you can customize

  1. Logo
  2. Mission
  3. Campaigns
  4. Match Program
  5. Volunteer Program
  6. Volunteer Events Highlighted
  7. Gift Program
  8. Customer + Employee Gifting
  9. Nonprofits We Love
  10. Program Details
  11. Sharing Settings

Here's an example of a fully customized dashboard: