Dollars for Doers

Set Up

How to set up Dollars for Doers for your company:

How it works

  1. Employee volunteers with company or at an outside volunteer opportunity.
  2. Hours tracking:
    1. If signed up through Millie, at the end of the event time, their hours will automatically be tracked and sent to the pending page on the “Tracking” page.
    2. If event was not on Millie, the employee can track their hours on the “Volunteer” page or the admin can track it for them in the admin area on “Tracking”
  3. Admin approves or restricts pending hours on the “Tracking” page.
  4. If approved, the amount designated for their volunteer hours will be slotted into a batch process of gifts. Employee and company caps will be upheld. The batch process happens every Wednesday so that all approved hours from that week will be processed and charged as one credit card on your company’s designated payment method.
  5. The amount will be sent as a Millie gift card to the employee for them to use to donate to any of the nonprofits on Millie. It will be sent via email and automatically get added to their wallet to use if they have a Millie account. This amount will not be eligible for a company match.