Donating to a nonprofit

  1. Navigate to Wallet in the top menu
  2. Select an amount you’d like to upload to your wallet. You can use the entire amount to donate to one nonprofit or upload once and spread it out among many nonprofits.
These amounts you add to your wallet is what is tax-deductible. For those that end up donating the wallet funds to many noonprofits, you only have one item on your taxes to add - the total amount you uploaded to your wallet.

3. Navigate to Donate in the menu

4. Search the database by nonprofit name or EIN. Filter by category, badges, zip code or country.

  1. Click on the Nonprofit you wish to donate to
  1. Once on the Nonprofit profile page, scroll down to see donation options. You can select an amount or type in a custom amount. Then click Donate!
  1. Be sure to click Confirm Donation to finish.
  1. Once you Confirm Donation, you will see this pop-up message. Thanks for donating with Millie!