Donation processing

How do donations flow through Millie?

When making a donation on Millie, the donation (minus the credit card fees) go directly to our donor-advised fund partner the Givinga Foundation (EIN: 47-4172718). Utilizing a donor-advised fund ensures the donation is always considered a donation, allows tax-deductible eligibility, and gives the donor the opportunity to create a mini donor-advised fund, doing all their giving in one place. Givinga Foundation then makes monthly donations to the nonprofits via check (or electronic payment if they opt in).

They are currently transitioning to a different payment software- Stripe - and will have an increased threshold of $50 before processing a payment. That said, if the balance has not reached $50 within 90 days, we will also process the payment at that time.

Are you a nonprofit that would like to set up electronic payments? Contact nonprofits@milliegiving.com to learn more.