What does Millie Cost? 🎉

Millie is free for individuals and employees! Thanks to the generosity of our corporate partners who implement workplace giving, we’re able to process all donations at no cost to the user or nonprofit. There are still credit card fees taken by the credit card companies for those using credit cards to donate (usually 2.2% + 30 cents), but other than that the full donation goes to the nonprofit. For international credit cards, our payment processor, Stripe, takes an additional 1%.

How do donations flow through Millie?

When making a donation on Millie, the donation (minus the credit card fees) go directly to our donor-advised fund partner the Givinga Foundation (EIN: 47-4172718). Utilizing a donor-advised fund ensures your donation is always considered a donation, allows tax-deductible eligibility, and gives you the opportunity to create a mini donor-advised fund, doing all your giving in one place. Givinga Foundation then makes monthly donations to the nonprofits via check (or electronic payment if they opt in).

What kind of entity is Millie? A for-profit or nonprofit?

Millie is not a nonprofit although we LOVE nonprofits. We are a proud public benefit corporation. That means we have both a fiscal responsibility as a for-profit business, and also a social responsibility to commit to bringing positive change to this world. Millie was founded upon a social mission: connecting people with high-impact nonprofits. We hold ourselves accountable to our mission and keep the premise of social impact at the forefront of our company.

Do I get a tax-deductible receipt for my donations?

Yes, every time you add funds to your Millie wallet, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your tax receipt from Givinga Foundation (EIN: 47-4172718). We recommend you consult with your tax advisor on the tax-deductibility of your donations.

Which nonprofits can be donated to on Millie?

Nonprofits on Millie must be a 501(c)3 in good standing with the IRS to receive funds on Millie. We then go through the SPLC’s Hate Map to remove any organizations that fall on that list. Additionally, our donor advised fund partner, Givinga Foundation does extra checks on status of organization before money gets disbursed.

This sounds great, but I still don’t understand how it works. What is Millie?

Millie is a social impact platform designed to make workplace giving and volunteering accessible, fun, and impactful. We're big believers that change comes from everyone and we're on a mission to empower businesses of all sizes to start and grow social impact programs.

Other questions? Get in touch – team@milliegiving.comn