What you will need to get started

We are so excited to have you and your team on board!

Onboarding Call

After your contract is in place, you will have a scheduled call with your Customer Success Manager. This onboarding call is to review your program, walk through setting up your instance and make sure you are comfortable with the platform leading up to your giving program official launch.

Setup Mode

Prior to launch, you will be able to work on your account in Setup Mode. We have included a helpful Getting Started Guide that will walk you through ways to set your individual instance up successfully.


While in Setup Mode, your instance will not be accessible or viewable to anyone other than all-access admins.

A few important things to know about Setup Mode:

  • This is NOT test mode - real donations can be made and actual money will be sent.
  • Any donations made by employees now will NOT be matched or associated with the company.
  • Invite emails will NOT be sent to employees automatically, You can still manually trigger an invite email to be sent by clicking Resend Invite in the employee module.
  • Volunteer hours that are approved while DFDis configuring WILL queue DFD gifts to be sent to volunteers. The actual charges and gifts will not be made and sent until after launch.

Pressing Launch

Once you are ready to make your program live, feel free to click the Launch button in .

Clicking the Launch button is only possible to do if you are an all-access admin.

Launching your program will send out an email to your employees inviting them to join if you have either:

1. Set up SKIM configurations

2.Uploaded a CSV of all of your employees


Each employee will receive a unique link that will take them to sign up and join your company on Millie:


If you have any questions, let us know, we're excited to get you onboarded and launched!

Want to send out more documentation announcing the rollout and how Millie works? Here's an Employee Guide:

Millie Employee User Guide.pdf1555.3KB