Sending gifts

Want to send a gift to a customer or employee?

Navigate to "Send Gift" to send out a charitable gift card.

Alternatively, from the "Employees" tab, you can click "Send Gift" and it will take you to the "Send Gift" tool with the employee's email pre-populated in there.


Here's a 3-minute video walking through Gifting:

What you'll want to send out a card:

  • Recipient's email
  • Message (optional)
  • Gift amount
  • Custom expiration
  • Any unused dollars will be deposited back in your company wallet on expiration

  • Gift type
  • This is for your internal analytics and helps differentiate gifting totals on the dashboard.

  • Digital card (optional)
    • Card templates can be picked from the uploaded Millie database or you can create your own customized e-card. Just hover over the Select E-card window, Click Select Card, and choose from the existing template, add a new customized one, or pick from your custom card library
    • 🎨 We're constantly adding new ones and would love your ideas! Feel free to send any new card ideas to team@milliegiving.com!


Where can I find out the status of a gift?

Navigate to the "Past Gifts" tab in the admin area to see the gifts sent and their redemption status: