Giving Madness FAQs

💰 What is a donation pool? How much should my company include in it?

A donation pool is the initial amount of money a company contributes in order to kickoff their giving bracket. We recommend that companies contribute $5-$15 per employee to the donation pool.

👔 What happens if votes are split 50/50 between nonprofits?

When any game reaches a tie, our platform randomly selects one of the two nonprofits to move forward.

📊 What is the financial breakdown of donations to nonprofits?

Your company’s Giving Madness champion (the nonprofit that makes it the furthers in your giving bracket) receives 50% of donations. The runner-up receives 26% of donations. The 2 that get to the final 4 and do not move forward, receive 4% of donations each. The 4 that reach the final 8 that do not move forward receive 2% of donations each. The 8 nonprofits in your giving bracket that do not move past the first round receive 1% of donations.

💲How much does Giving Madness cost?

Giving Madness is free for companies with 25 employees or less. For companies with more than 25 employees, pricing varies by number of employees. Please check the Giving Madness pricing page for information.

💳 Do you take a portion of donations to nonprofits?

We do not take any portion of donations processed through our system. Stripe charges typical credit card fees of 2.2% + 30 cents on these donations but nothing else comes out of your donation. For international credit cards, Stripe takes an additional 1% credit card fee.

🧾 Does my company get a tax-deductible receipt for Giving Madness donations?

Yes. When making a donation on Giving Madness, donations made on Millie go directly to our donor-advised fund partners (minus the credit card fees): For US nonprofits, Percent Impact Foundation (EIN: 87-3165286). For international nonprofits, Intelligent Foundation (UK registered charity no. 1192508). Utilizing a donor-advised fund ensures the donation is always considered a donation, allows tax-deductible eligibility, and gives the donor the opportunity to create a mini donor-advised fund, doing all their giving in one place.

💌 How do I invite a nonprofit that is not in the Giving Madness database?

To invite nonprofits to Giving Madness, you may send them this link to seamlessly claim and personalize their profiles on our database.Feel free to customize this email copy when inviting nonprofits to the platform.

⏰ How many times can my company run Giving Madness?

As many times as you want!

More questions? Email us at team@givingmadness.com