Grant management

For companies interested in sending a larger, one-time donation, grants can be a great way to do this.

To send a grant, you will want to locate the Donations tab on the left hand Admin navigation bar. Click this to get to the Grants dropdown:


Once in the grants section, you will be able to track all past grants, offline grants and send out new ones by pressing the pink Make New Grant button on the far right. You also will be able to track grants by date, if it was associated with a campaign, and by the nonprofit that received it.


When sending out a new Grant, you will need to make sure you select the correct recipient, enter the right amount and confirm where you want the payment to pull from. You will also have the option to add a note about the grant prior to sending it.

  • Important: Note details will NOT be included on the actual check or details sent with the grant. To view this information, a nonprofit will need to have claimed their Millie page

Helpful tip:

Grants are a great way to build relationships and partnerships with nonprofits. Prior to sending a grant, reaching out to the nonprofit first can be a great way to make them aware of Millie and the fact that a large donation is on the way. Below is an example template of how to open this conversation:

Hi ____,

I'm reaching out because we partner with Millie for our company social impact program and we have selected your nonprofit for one of our grant donations!

We distribute grants on a (quarterly/yearly/etc) basis as a way to highlight and support amazing nonprofits while also encouraging and promoting social giving transparency companywide.

If you have not already claimed your profile on the Millie platform, please follow these steps:

  1. Click here to claim your profile on Millie. If you have trouble finding your organization, try using your EIN number. If you still can't find it, reach out to teams@milliegiving.com.
  2. Customize your profile to highlight your organization's impact, focus areas, photos, and any information that would help excite donors and volunteers to get involved. By claiming your profile you will also be able to see all charitable donations - individual as well as grants - that come to you through Millie, find donor details and tax information.

We will be submitting our grant on ____, so getting your profile completed before then will allow for maximum visibility.