Integrating Teams + Millie


To complete the Teams setup process, you must have:

  • An Azure AD account with the Global Administrator role;
  • The ability to install apps and create setup policies in the Teams Admin Center;
  • An active Teams subscription.

If you lack these privileges, please contact an IT admin at your company, and have them complete the setup for you. You will also need:

  • A Millie employee account with the All-Access Admin role.

A Millie admin at your company can add this role, or you can write to tech@milliegiving.com for help.

Part A: Share Azure tenant data

When you are ready to begin, email tech@milliegiving.com, and provide the following information:

  1. Your company's Azure AD tenant ID;
  2. Your company's Azure AD primary domain.

Millie will add these details to your account and email you when it is time to proceed.

Part B: Provide admin consent

You should now have access to the Teams Settings page, at Settings / Teams within the Millie admin menu:


Millie uses Microsoft Graph to add teams and channels to your Teams environment, and also to obtain basic employee data, such as names and email addresses. The Millie Teams Azure AD app grants permissions for these operations; to install it, click the Admin Consent button, login to Azure AD if necessary, review the permissions request, and click Accept:

Consenting here adds the Millie Teams app to your Enterprise Applications page within Azure AD.

When you are done, notify tech@milliegiving.com. We will perform more configuration and email you when it is time to proceed.

Part C: Configure Teams

Millie will email a ZIP file that contains the actual Teams app. The ZIP contains a JSON file and two icons; you're welcome to review these before you continue.

You must now configure your Teams environment:

  1. Upload the ZIP file to add the Millie app to your company's Teams catalog;
  2. Within the Teams Admin Center, navigate to Teams Apps / Manage Apps, then click Upload new app and select the ZIP file.

  3. Use a setup policy to install the Millie app for all Millie users;
  4. Millie sometimes sends chat messages to individual users. To support this, navigate to the Teams Apps / Setup Policies page:


    You can create a new policy or edit an existing one, but be sure the policy covers all employees at your company who will be using Millie.

    Within your policy, click the Add apps link under Installed apps, then search for and select the Millie app you just uploaded. Millie should appear in the Installed apps list:


    Now click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

  5. Use the setup policy to pin the Millie app to the Teams app bar;
  6. The Millie app includes a tab that shows real-time Millie data, including your company's campaigns and events. Use your setup policy to make this tab visible to employees: click the Add apps link under Pinned apps, and again search for and select the Millie app. Millie should appear within the Pinned apps list.

    After pinning the app, click Save again.

  7. Send your team name preferences to tech@milliegiving.com;
    1. Millie will add two teams to your Teams environment:

    2. A public team (sometimes known as the main team) that will be used for most Millie content, including campaign updates, event notifications, event channels, et cetera. The default name for this team is Millie.
    3. A private team for your company's Millie admins. The default name for this team is Millie Admin.
    4. You will be named as the owner of both teams, so you must have an active Teams subscription. After the teams are created, you can add or change owners, as you would with any team.

  8. Also email your Teams App ID to tech@milliegiving.com.
  9. To obtain your app ID, display the Manage apps page by navigating to Teams apps / Manage apps within the Teams Admin Center. Type Millie into the Search by name field, then click the Millie link (not the checkbox — that merely selects) within the result entry. The Millie app page will appear, with the App ID in the Details section:


Part D: Assign users and test

Millie will email you when your teams have been created. Finally:

  1. Assign users to the main and admin teams;
    1. Within the Teams Admin Center, navigate to Teams / Manage teams. You will see a list of groups representing the teams in your environment. Add users to these groups to provide immediate access to your company's Millie content:

    2. To the main public team, add all users who have access to Millie. This will likely be all employees at your company;
    3. To the private admin team, add your Millie admin employees, particularly those responsible for approving match requests.
  2. Test your new Teams integration!
  3. Within the Teams app, click the Millie button in the app bar on the left, and confirm that your personal Millie account data is displayed. Then send any chat message to the Millie bot. You should receive a How can I help? response.

As always, if you have technical questions, please contact us at tech@milliegiving.com!