Nonprofit match approval

Customizable match settings to build out your program your way

As a company, you are able to set parameters around which nonprofits can receive matched donations. You can search through the database of 1.7 million nonprofits to add or remove any from your match-approved list. You can also always add or remove nonprofits from your match-restricted list. As matches come in from employees, your approval or restriction of the nonprofit will automatically add it to the corresponding list, making the admin’s job quicker and more streamlined.

Setting up approval

Want to set guard rails around which nonprofits your company will match? You can set that all up in "Match Settings"

Simply search for a nonprofit in the search bar and select the one you're looking for:


Under "Approval Status" you'll be able to select Approve or Restrict from your match program.

Guard rails look different for each company—and we're happy to help you navigate this and suggest a bunch of great organizations to pre-populate that area with to start!