Nonprofit FAQs

💸 How do nonprofits get paid?

How are donations collected on Millie? When making a donation on Millie, the donation goes directly to our donor-advised fund partners (minus the credit card fees): For US donations, Percent Impact Foundation (EIN: 87-3165286). For international donations, Intelligent Foundation (UK registered charity no. 1192508). Utilizing a donor-advised fund ensures the donation is always considered a donation, allows tax-deductible eligibility, and gives the donor the opportunity to create a mini donor-advised fund, doing all their giving in one place How are donations delivered to my nonprofit? Our donor-advised fund partners make donation payments out to nonprofits at the end of each month, provided they have amassed more than $50 in donation balance on Percent (this includes donations raised on Millie, as well as any of Percent’s other partners). That said, if the balance has not reached $50 within 365 days, Percent will also process the payment at that time. Donors are also able to get in touch with Percent’s support team in order to expedite donations. How do we receive our donations? If your nonprofit is onboarded to Percent’s platform, and you have uploaded your payment details, Percent will deliver funds to you via electronic payment, typically within 15-45 days of reaching $50 in donations. If your nonprofit is not onboarded to Percent’s platform, Percent will make efforts to reach out to you, typically for 60 days after reaching $50 in donations. If you have not onboarded after this time, Percent will attempt to deliver funds via check. Where this is not possible (for some countries, or where the check can’t be delivered), we will reassign funds to a nonprofit with a similar mission and geography. For more information, see Percent’s Donation Delivery Policy and Undeliverable Donation Policy. How do I onboard to Percent To onboard to Percent, simply: 1) Search for and ‘claim’ your nonprofit here: https://causes.poweredbypercent.com/ 2) Once your account is verified (in 1-2 days), you will receive a confirmation email. You can then log into your account to add your payment details to receive donations If you have any questions on Percent, see their help page: https://poweredbypercent.zendesk.com Are there any fees to onboard with Percent? There is no cost, either to onboard, or remain on Percent. Are there any fees on donations with Millie? Aside from the credit card fees, the only other charge is from Percent, who have a small processing fee of 1.5%, that helps support their work for donations on Millie.

✋ How can nonprofits opt-in to Giving Madness?

If your nonprofit is in our database, company’s will automatically be able to include you in their giving brackets. However, we strongly encourage nonprofit administrations to claim their organization and fill out their profiles with additional information (videos, statistics, anecdotes). This creates a more engaging voting and selection process for companies that may be interested in supporting your cause.

📥 Do we get a report of which companies included us in their giving bracket?

After a bracket is complete, nonprofits will see donations made via brackets on their dashboard, detailing which company donated to them.

💵 Does participation in Giving Madness cost nonprofits anything?

No. Stripe does charge typical credit card fees of 2.2% + 30 cents on donations and takes an additional 1% credit card fee. But, we do not not charge nonprofits to be included in Giving Madness.

📈 Can we track how we are performing in a company’s giving bracket?

Unfortunately, we do not allow a live tracking of company brackets. However, after a Giving Madness program is run, nonprofits will see donations made via brackets on their dashboard, detailing which company donated to them.

🏦 Can I change my nonprofit’s financial data?

We pull each nonprofit’s financial data directly from the IRS. If you believe we do not have the most updated information from the IRS, please contact us at nonprofits@givingmadness.com for support.