Offline match

Did an employee donate off of Millie that you'd like to match? You've found your answers!

You can send this walkthrough to your employee requesting an offline match.

Here's a video walking through the offline match feature and how it works for you as the admin:

Track Offline Donations - Admin Feature

Admin now have the ability to submit an offline donation, and have it matched, for an employee if needed. This feature - Track Offline Donation - is located in the Donations section of the Donations tab on the left hand Admin account navigation bar.


Once you click on the tab, you are able to enter all of the necessary details and have the donation attribute back to the employee.


** Important to note **

  • If you have your match approval set to manual review typically, this way of adding an employee’s donation for them will bypass that process. Since it is being uploaded through the admin portal, it will auto approve the match.