Percent - Vetting & Validation

Our donor-advised fund partner, Percent, performs thorough compliance and verification checks on each organization before disbursing funds, both domestically and internationally.


Percent is a global nonprofit compliance leader, ensuring safety and trust for companies and their donations. They follow a four step process for validating nonprofits:

  1. Nonprofit Verification - confirm organization is a valid nonprofit in its jurisdiction
    1. nonprofit in good standing and registered in its local jurisdiction as a
    2. nonprofit organisation

  2. Eligibility - confirm organization fits category requirements
    1. Eligibility is the specific types of nonprofit that a partner wants to support or reject, based on an organization’s mission e.g. educational, religion
  3. Compliance - confirm organization passes Percent’s compliance & policy checks
    1. Percent conduct specific compliance checks to provide reassurance and confidence to partners that the nonprofits they support do not have known connections to financial crime, hate & discrimination, or any relevant associated adverse media that could jeopardize a partners reputation
      • Countries are continuously revised depending on the geopolitical environment but currently Percent does not support: Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, Crimea region of Ukraine
  4. Agent Verification - confirm organization by direct contact
    1. Determining that the applicant works for the nonprofit and is authorized to represent them and submit the request and take ownership of the nonprofit Percent account