Building profile

Yay, welcome to Millie! Once you've gone and claimed your profile here, you'll be able to start building out your profile. Here are some great examples of nonprofit profiles:

The live profile builder looks like this with the builder panel on the right and the profile view on the left:


What you'll want to include in your profile:

  1. Photos
    • 3 images (the front middle image, which is the first in the upload sequence, is the thumbnail which is shown across search and browse pages)
    • Logo
  2. Name
    • This is originally pulled in from your 990 but you can edit it here
  3. Mission
    • Max 1000 characters
  4. Personal Story
    • image
    • text area
  5. Statistics
    • You can add several
  6. Video
    • Any video from YouTube
  7. Dollar Strength
    • You can add multiple as well
  8. Programs
    • Add up to x programs, and include a title, text and image
  9. Volunteering & Events
    • Add up to x events, and include a title, text and image
  10. Website URL

Nonprofit Profile Scores

We now show 2 scores to nonprofit admins: on the profile builder and on your dashboard.

This is to encourage you to fill out more of your profile with the amazing work you’re doing.

Profile Builder:


Admin Dashboard:


Nonprofit Admin Help Modal

Located in several places on both the profile builder and dashboard are links that you can click to get a better understanding of the score your profile has, ways to continue to maximize building it out, and the current data Millie is importing directly from the IRS around your nonprofit.

  • Profile scores, what the scores mean, and how to increase these scores
  • Explanation of some of the fields that we ask for
  • Displays of the data we have from the IRS

So go ahead and start building those beautiful, story-telling profiles 🏄🏾‍♀️🙌