Tracking volunteer hours

Automated Tracking

Hours will be automatically tracked for all employees who signed up for an event on Millie. You’ll still be able to accept or restrict those hours in the Pending tab in “Tracking.”

NEW: hours automatically tracked if signed up on Millie ✨
All signed up hours in Millie will automatically be tracked and added to the pending tab in your admin tracking area after the event is complete. There, you can bulk approve for as many hours as you’d like.

Admin Tracking

You as the admin can track employee volunteer hours under “Tracking” in the admin area. This is great for volunteer hours you know your employees completed but haven’t gone in there to track for yet.


Employee Tracking

Employees can track their hours by navigating to "Volunteer" and clicking the "Track Hours" button.

Employees can track their hours by event, nonprofit or with a custom input:


An employees recent entries will be listed so as to avoid any duplicate time entries:


Approving + Restricting Hours

Once submitted, you'll see their hours populate in the "Volunteer Tracking" tab in the admin area. You will see manually submitted hours with a Manual tag and automatically tracked hours with an Automatic tag.


Need to find specific hours? You’ll also be able to filter hours by employee here: